this game is amazing and is a full fledged sequel to the first game warning: this review may have spoilers of th

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham City X360
concept: take arkham asylum, scrap the environment and make it better with tons of new content.

graphics: graphics haven't improved, which isn't a bad thing. but like always are still amazing, not to mention the beautiful environment of arkham city and character design

sound: sound effects and voice acting are top notch environment: arkham city looks amazing with tons of Easter eggs to find you may just spend hours exploring the sprawling city

playability: controls are as smooth as ever and combat it improved with new fun gadgets

entertainment: you will get side tracked a lot in this game and it is an incredibly fun experience when this happens, from following a serial killer dirty harry style, from destroying titan cans, finding difficult riddler trophies or Easter eggs, saving hostages, defeating villains like hush, mad hatter, doing AR training and others. not to mention challenges and the campaign itself. arkham city is a fun sprawling adventure

replay value: high
story? arkham cities story seems to be much shorter then the first one but if you add the side missions it's a full fledged sequel . with new villains like the penguin, Mr freeze, hush, clayface, the mad hatter, cat woman,2 face, raj AL ghoul, Hugo Strange, and some old favorites returning as well like ivy, Harley, joker, and scarecrow (he's alive) this is a great campaign.

sequel? i am 100% sure there will be a sequel, it is clear the scarecrow is alive, Harley Quinn is pregnant with jokers baby, asrael for told a prophecy about Gotham in ashes, and hush has escaped Gotham and black mask is still to be announced so yea