[10] A Sequel that is twice bigger, better, fun and Beautiful. Only Batman can provide this kind of Joy to a Gamer.

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Where do i Start with this Masterpiece ??

* STORY -- 95/100 --
Without spoiling much Batman finds himself in Arkham City, the city is in the middle of chaos and various gang leaders controls the city such as Two-Face, Penguin and of course the Joker. Hugo Strange also takes part in the game as a person who is responsible for the launch of the Arkham City project and also a person who knows Batman's true identity. The story is told excellently and progresses amazingly but the only complain i had is that some of the villains like Two-Face and Penguin not quiet take a big role in the game. Other than that the story is superb and the ending is Epic.

* GAMEPLAY -- 100/100 --
The game plays exactly like the previous one except in this one there are as twice as much of Riddler's trophies as much as gadgets and new combat moves, the formula is the same except there are more things to do in the game even after you completed it, there are lots of side quests and the Riddler is always as much as fun and as much as painful to collect his trophies. Catwoman also playable in the game if you got the game early or just simply download the game she played completely different than Batman and has her own set of moves and Riddler's trophies. Excellent Control design by the Studio of Rocksteady.

* AUDIO/SOUND -- 100/100 --
A score that does subtle during the game's downtime and knows when to bring out the orchestral bluster when it's needed. Like Arkham Asylum, the voice-acting is utterly top-notch too since Mark Hammil is back as Joker and Kevin Conroy plays the role of our favorite Bats. Once again a clever choice of Rocksteady.

* VISUALS/GRAPHICS -- 100/100 --
Batman: Arkham City is nigh on flawless from a visual standpoint, but the devil's in the details. Looking out into the distance from a rooftop is amazing, but watching Batman crouched on a statue with snowflakes gently falling and melting on his cape is also a thing of beauty. Brilliant. While there are things that i didnt liked, like the explosions graphics and the fact that it take sometime for the graphics to refresh, its a big game obviously so i dont pay much attention to that.

=== THE VERDICT !!!! 10 !!!!
Batman: Arkham City is quite possibly one of the greatest sequels – if not one of the greatest games – I've played in recent years and it's most definitely the best superhero game of all time. Beautiful to look at and an unmitigated joy to play, Arkham City is a flawlessly executed game and an unbridled work of brilliance. Rocksteady just became my personal favorite studio and i cant wait to see what they hold up their sleeves.