Well its batman...nuff said

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360
So as most of you have played the first batman, you know the story has well writing and the new free flow combat is amazing. Well you can be sure there is alot of that and much, much more in "Arkham City". Being trapped in a small city with super-villains and more thugs then you can throw a bat-a-rang at. Now all of this sounds like a bad guy beat down of a good time and that what it winds up being, throw in the well know villain for a boss and your good to go.And you don't have to worry about running out of toys while in epic street fights, with over 8 gadgets to choose and quick use during combat the fights are nothing but fun.With that being said there are times were you feel like the fighting,even in a boss battle, are not as difficult as they truly should be. There are though many side quest to help you get away form the regular fight and zip line away. All but 2 of theses side quest let you use your detective skills and without actually point you in any direction you must use your own head to figure out and solve the case. The only real bad thing i found with this game is the main story is only about a two day playtime. While the side quest and Riddler challenges add about another two days onto the game, it is still a pretty short game all together. This will hopefully be fixed with the dlc and other add-ons. With little bugs and solid combat system is a solid drive home and a must have for all gaming fans.