Xbox One owners: Expect more free-to-play games

Microsoft gaming executive Phil Spencer says "good success" of F2P on Xbox 360 means more in the pipeline for new system.


Microsoft's first foray into the free-to-play console games market on Xbox 360 was successful, so much so that it sounds like the company is increasing its investment in this space with its next-generation console the Xbox One.

Asked on Twitter if Microsoft has any news to share on free-to-play console games, Spencer teased: "Yes. Good success with F2P on 360 will mean things come to Xbox One." He said Microsoft will announce specific details on new projects closer to their launch.

Microsoft's first free-to-play console game for Xbox 360 was Happy Wars, which has seen more than 6 million players since its original introduction in October 2012. Other free-to-play Xbox 360 games include Warface, Ascend: Hand of Kul, and World of Tanks. Those titles are all free to download, but you can also spend real money on virtual items.

Though Microsoft has labeled its free-to-play initiatives a success, without knowing how many people are actively spending money in the virtual worlds, it's difficult to know just how popular they really are. The same is true for Xbox One; Microsoft has not disclosed any engagement-type statistics for free-to-play games Killer Instinct or Xbox Fitness, among others.

In other Xbox One news, Microsoft today announced a special $500 Xbox One Titanfall bundle that includes a black console and a copy of the game. In addition, Microsoft today announced the system's first-ever price cut, dropping the price tag from £429.99 to £399.99 effective Friday, February 28. This price drop only applies to the UK.

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