The OzSpot 04/12/12: Lucky Dip Russian Edition

Join us for another week of the OzSpot where we dip into our magical Lucky Dip hat and discuss whatever comes up!

It's another edition of the Lucky Dip and this week we take our pick from news topics including Xbox 720 rumours, BioShock Infinite cosplayers, Steam's Big Picture Mode, and more!

And if we're lucky, someone might even draw a wildcard topic. What will it be this week?

Stick around to find out!

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excellent podcast :)

I found your discussion on video games and your parents views on them very interesting. I could never get my dad when I was younger to understand or appreciate games. It's interesting that some of your love of gaming came from your parents and some find it very difficult to get the older generation to understand that gaming isn't antisocial or time sink.

Do you think you a lot of people become PC gamers because as kids their parents have negative views on gaming and therefore wont fork out the cash for a console for their kid?


P.S. Most random thing said on the podcast this year ... do you even lift ? lol Jess

The Spike VGA Trailer is awesome


Will you guys do a end of year wrap up on your favourite games of the year on each platform ?


I like their new logo. Just don't expect any nudity here. Well nothing to laugh at anyway.


Good show guys.

I really don't see why a good film director would be a good game designer. Take Tarantino for instance, his movies are not games. His movies are all about dialogue, ones that without the pacing, the continuous back and forth would become a pretty empty experience. Film is all about control. You plan, you write, you execute and then you edit and edit. Games are all about interactivity, if you can't expect the players to react in the precise timing for everything to make sense. Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite films but it would be a terrible game. Imagine this, when you see a film about war you can fell sad for the characters that die, you feel the horrors of war, you cringe at the images of the battlefield. Now, when you play a game about war you think "F****, RUN!!!!!!!!" It's the survival instinct, bullets flying over your head, you just want to stay alive. It's a completely different experience. If you have a film where somewhere walks in the countryside for ten minutes it's a complete bore! But in games like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption walking around just taking in the sights is part of the experience. Films and games are two separate mediums and this decades long wish to turn games into movies is, as I see it, wrong, and works against the strengths of our medium.


By the way, when will you have a place in Gamespot where we can easily find your podcast? You have to remember the show exists, search, filter all the results (some of which are really strange) to find the right one, that is not even ordered by date (because the order button does not work correctly). You should have a simple menu tab with the show. You won't find any audience hiding the show.



My lucky Dip Cat suggestion: "What license would you like to see turned into an adventure game (ala Walking Dead, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, etc.) next? I'd love to see Telltale do something with the BBC series Sherlock. Oh, and thank you for putting the video of the podcast in a GS video. Twitch and my laptop don't seem to be getting along too well these days...


Lucky Dip Russian edition, those are words I never would have thought I would hear or read.

Zorine moderator staffmoderator

 @jomipira Hello jomipira!

Thanks for your feedback. You bring up a good point about games focusing on interactivity, which traditional films generally do not. The game-movie crossover as a medium is something that has been long debated, with no easy answer.


To answer you question on locating our podcast, we have finally been granted a showpage! (HURRAY!) Episodes can be found here:


- Zorine


 @Zorine Hi Zorine. I've read my comment back and... really poor writing. Sorry for all the errors. English is not my native language, so I should be more careful when writing these things.

Anyway, the link you posted sends me to a page similar to this one, with the same show, but different title and comments. From the main Gamespot page however I still don't have a link to the show (not even in the videos sidebar) and when I search the word Ozspot it's still the same mess of results... It's a shame because I really like to listen to the five of you and more often then not I forget the show exists, even though I visit the site daily.