The OzSpot - GOTY Spoilercast Finale 2012

Santa, games, hats, and more! Join us for the final episode of The OzSpot for 2012 looking back over some of our favourite gaming moments of this year.

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The GameSpot AU team discuss, debate and laugh over the big news stories of the past week, in Australian accents!

Schedule: weekly


So where is this originally streamed with chat, etc.? I usually just watch the replay here because I have no idea where to look.


not interested in the wii u, to me feels like it should of came out ages ago. Graphics for next xbox and ps4 etc well b a much bigger improvment and developers well boycott the wiiu

Chippa7 moderator moderatorstaff

 @sakeyake We promote the live show on the GS AU homepage on Tuesday mornings (Australian Eastern Standard Time) before we begin.


This was our last episode for 2012, but we'll be back in the new year.


 @Chippa7 Thanks Dan. I guess the more sane question would have been when I should look. :-B