A great game! One of the best I have played. Oh and beware, ending spoilers! Spoiler tags included, though. Don't worry.

This is probably one of the best games I have ever played on my PS3. Great story, characters and gameplay, what more could you ask for?

1. Gameplay - 9/10

Really fun. It's a little difficult at time, but once you get all the tricks you'll get used to it. I only gave it an 8.5 because there are a few glitches like the game freezing, being stuck in 1st person view after the ending (Which can be fixed by simply restarting, so don't worry) etc. These aren't very common, but they're quite noticable. Also, the horse riding can get a bit tedious at times when you have to go really far away to accept a mission and if you die you'll wake up at the place you last sleeped in.

2. Characters - 9.5/10

RDR has a huge cast of awesome and memorable characters. Too bad some of them

Die or dissappear very quickly. And when they do, John Marston just shrugs it off with very little emotion. For example: When Luisa Fortuna dies, he just stands there, shoots the two guards, duels with the captain and acts like nothing happened and leaves her body just there.


Story - 9/10

The story is memorable. It has alot of twists that are usually unexpected such as


Reyes becoming a tyrant (Though some of you might have predicted it), many major characters dying and the best of all, John Marston sacrificing himself for his family. This was one of my favorite endings. John showed his last act of defiance by shooting soldiers with his revolver even though he was severely outnumbered and KNEW he was going to die. He didn't even bother to escape with his family because he knew that if he did follow his family Edgar Ross will hunt him and kill his family along with him. A true hero.


4. Music - 8/10

Although there wasn't much music throughout the whole game (There were only 19 tracks I believe. Most games have about 30) I still liked it. My favorite tracks are:
1. Oh Bury me not on the lone Prarie
2. Far away
3. Born unto trouble

5. Atmosphere - 10/10

The atmosphere is gorgeous! You'll love the huge world of RDR. There are many different environments with different kinds of animals.

- Huge world with beautiful atmosphere
- Nice music
- Great gameplay
- Lots of memorable characters
- Great story
- Awesome voice acting

- Annoying bugs that can freeze your game but are not frequent

Do not miss out on this game! It's one of the best games ever.