best shooter i have ever played,it is realistic although it lack in CQC it is still an incredible game.

User Rating: 9 | ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead PC
the game has new weapons real ballistics which better than sniper elite v2 {hard mode}i suggest it arma 3 puts in close quarters combat with a knife or even hand combat i would definitely pick it up.What i find annoying is the game's ability to jump, just the (v)button and the sprinting and running style in 3rd person mode with out a weapon. And i cant write any more gamespot it is really annoying so please fix this it is still true that i like big video and text reviews but i can't write any more than this so.Damn you gamespot i really like kevin vanOrds video reviews and also maxwell macghee all others **** off maxwell and kevin both of you rock.i am really getting pissed off by this system so cut the crap and submit the review already.plesas sddkk kwedsxc jawe masd mskdw masd mawehj jnasndhw nnsswn Soyinka snxnxadw haswghg hasdwwww jnxsna iawj akwnmn kiwurtg ujahde3 jabnfdad hgbwgvghhh jabwb jbabsad hhwdhuj h jajdjwjbdhadh bbwbw jhqbsx