Best puzzle game on the PSP

User Rating: 8.5 | Archer Maclean's Mercury PSP
Mercury is the best puzzle game on the PSP bar none, this includes Lumines. You control a blob of mercury and have to take it to the goal area. There are 3 types of challenge; a timed race where you have to do it within a certain time, another typer where you have to complete the level with a certain percentage of mercury meaning these levels are more difficultly designed and also a task level which usually included spliting the mercury into different colours and combining them to make new colours. Sometimes you have to control 2 or more blobs at the same time. Every level of the 72 is different and has a new task which is what makes the game so great. After the first few levels the game becomes very difficult, perhaps too difficult but it means you get immense pleasure from completing each level.
Graphics are extremly good considering it is just a blob of mercury but the colours are greatly defined. The sound of the mercury is spot on too, but the music for each level isn't anything special.
This game will have you addicted!