An alright game, but I just wish I could figure it out...

User Rating: 8.2 | Archer Maclean's Mercury PSP
This game is good, but I’m not sure it is worth it to buying it for yourself, maybe just rent it. The game starts out good, but gets extremely hard so you will likely find yourself trying a level many, many times, like maybe 50 times maybe? It is rather challenging to a level where I would have to say it is nearly impossible! I made it to the third world out of around six, depending on whether you count the tutorial world, and it is already extremely challenging to clear even one level! If you’re good at puzzle games then buy it, if not maybe just let it slide.

The game's main goal is to make you try and figure out a way to get your blob of Mercury to the end while keeping as much of it on the board, whether in more than one blob or not. As you get farther, you will come in contact with a huge variety of traps that are placed to try and rob you of your Mercury or to try and waste your precious time. The game scores high on the variety because almost every level that I have played is completely different from the others, and there for, you won’t get bored very fast. Though as the levels get more complex, there are more things to watch for in terms of traps and edges until you may get turned off by its difficulty. Though still the game is fun to play from time to time.

The graphics are awesome, your blob of Mercury looks great as it shines and glints in different colors while it moves around. The background is colorful, and compliments the environment that you must move around in, which is also highly detailed and greatly complex. The sound leaves a lot to be desired because there really isn't any, at all. There are sounds for the traps but they are all the same, and certain ones, such as one that pounds on the ground, make a rather repetitive beat instead of something interesting. Also, seeing that you will probably restart a level many times you will most likely find yourself turning down the PSP's volume simply because it is annoying to listen to over and over.

All in all, the game is alright, but only to a small crowd of gamers. The game has a lot of levels to it and so much variety, that I wish I could enjoy it more, but I get turned off by the near impossible difficulty. If I haven’t made you think twice, then go ahead and buy it, it is still rather fun to play, and I have just highlighted the weaknesses that you will probably recognize. It is still a very original game for the PSP, and you may still want to consider adding it to your game library.