I think this is a very good time tacking game well weth the time spent on it.

User Rating: 9.6 | Archer Maclean's Mercury PSP
What i think about this game:
I looked at the case and i thalt this look's prity intresting i miyt as well give it a shot so i did after some time i was hooked to Mercury. This is a very good time tacking game. It get's very hard but its a very good game.

Game Play:
Ther's not rilly a story all you do is move and mersh colered blob's of mercury. it may not sound all that but it doe's get very fun when you get in to it. This will tack some time and it's well werth it. Pluss Mercury rilly mack's you think and it get's you on your towe's

Game Grathic's:
Well the grathic's are very good on the PSP. The game Mercury rilly has some very nice seen's and back grawnd's Pluss the coller's in this are rilly clean on the blob's of mercury it rilly dose look like the rill thing.

Game Music & sound:
Well the music rilly stick's with the game and the sound sosent jar you after 2 hawer's so that a good thing.

My Game Score: 10/10

Is this Game werth having:
If you like a good thinker then yer this is one for you.

Is this Game werth colecting:
I think it's werth colecting becoue's ther's not that meney game's out ther like this one. ( I think im going to holed on to my copy of Mercury )