Aliens: Colonial Marines is just a pitiful shell of what it could have been in this rich and immersive universe.

User Rating: 5 | Aliens: Colonial Marines X360
Aliens: Colonial Marines is a shooter like every other, with glimpses of suspense and some sense of darkness flowing in the environment almost resembling what it could have been.

The Aliens are back in this sequel to the classic legendary film "Aliens", the single player campaign was marketed as cannon to the series but it doesn't do the job that well as we Alien fans were supposed to get. The campaign starts fast without much explanation and throws you right into the Sulaco to find out what happened to the missing marines and the distress signal that was sent from there. Aliens: Colonial Marines first scenes in the campaign are the best it can offer it starts with suspense and gives you memorable images from the film, but after that you will find yourself drown inside the Sulaco fighting and running from point A to B with horrible dialogue and terrible graphical and model glitches in the way. The weapons are classic ones from deep within the franchise, the Pulse Rifle and the Assault Rifle with integrated flamethrower are always a good addition to a merely pitiful, old and overused arsenal in every first person shooter to date.

Lack of originality and variety drags Aliens:Colonial Marines down in the sense it could have been something more than a simple destroy everything on sight first person shooter in which even your motion sensor can be skipped entirely when there's really no sense in not pointing something with your gun.

It is a shame the campaign uses a lot of references to the franchise but the game lacks substance and consistency to put them all together, you can't just describe past events of the film or place some audio logs and expect to be telling a story. This is one of the main problems with Aliens: Colonial Marines, a lack of sense in creating its own events inside an Alien franchise, instead, it just reminds you how good the films were in comparison to this lackluster corridor action.

Numerous times the game tries to put you into some parts based more with suspense or what the game should be like and it will sometimes make you feel uneasy because this could have been Aliens: Colonial Marines. The multiplayer is a fine addition into a short 3-4 hours long single player campaign which can give you some entertaining moments. Be advised the co-op mode is a completely walk in the park, probably because it wasn't never intended for re-balance so they left the same enemies but your team is superior in every way.

All in all, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a poor entry into an all time horror legend that is the Aliens franchise. The lack of proper story structure, boring corridors and classic not-so-good integrated shoot and forget everything makes this game like any other first person shooter in the market. It is a dull experience with several tries to make it feel like this was part of Aliens, but no, it is not even close to be called part of the cannon of such an amazing franchise.