ITS NOT THAT BAD..... Fans will find much to enjoy here.

User Rating: 7 | Aliens: Colonial Marines X360
I felt I needed to write a mini review - for those still on the fence.

After seeing the pretty rubbish review for this game, I was a in two minds as to whether I should go ahead and purchase.

I was not disappointed, mostly....

The graphics are acceptable but nothing to write home about. The animations are ok. The story and most of the dialogue falls flat.
The game has an overall feel of something shy of AAA.

The AI for the Aliens is mixed. Yep sometimes you will see them do stupid things, traversing the landscape unnecessarily or getting stuck, or just sitting there waiting for you to shoot them to bits... But conversely, they also can be smart, using the environment in smart ways flanking you from beneath or above to get the jump on you.
One encounter I had when playing co-op with a friend was great; we came across this alien, shot it and it ran off, which we were both totally not expecting, forcing us to go find it. What ensued was a terrific bit of tension as we used the motion tracker to zero in on it. Now this is what I want from an Alien game!! We eventually found it lurking on the ceiling in a dark corner. I believe it was a Stalker, which the game could use more of as they appear the most cunning and thereby one of the more interesting enemy types in the game.

Again the AI for the humans is mixed aswell, it varies from standing there like idiots to falling back, taking cover and flanking and throwing grenades.

Combat against the Xenos feels more weighty, but shooting the human enemies feels less weighty and satisfying. Although I was dreading the human enemies as usually in a game like this they turn about to be an awful addition only serving to add variety to the game play, but thankfully the human enemy encounters are moderately compelling.

I will add more to this review.

But my main point is this game is in no way the tragedy some reviews are making it out to be... If you love Aliens, and also love co-op, you will have alot of fun with this inperfect adventure. I recommend you try Aliens: Colonial Marines.