A complete waste of money!

User Rating: 3 | Zoo Tycoon 2 DS DS
Well I bought (and sold) this a while back for my ds thinking it would be similar to its enjoyable pc cousin. Boy was I wrong! Firstly rthe game looks more like zt 1 than 2 as it is only top down unless you want to play a really boring and rpetitive mini game. The graphics and gameplay themselves aren't terrible but evrything is so limited. The cage size, map size and even the amount of objects you can place is limited. That's right you can only place a certain amount og bushes, benches, ect. This is disgraceful and basically means you have to start a new map everytime you make a map and there are only 3 save files. The campaign is nothing to talk about and just gives you zoo's which you must improve by doing some very tedious task like building up cash or oplacing a certain amount of objects (its like pc in that perspective).Overall a shocking and dissapointing game that has no longevity at all.