zatchbell may be one of my the greatist games I own but there is a few problems i should mention.

User Rating: 8.6 | Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles GC
Zatchbell is a great game based on the series actually the only reason i bought it was just to have a collection of my anime shows with their games but the game it self proveed to be a really awesome game! cause i like fighting games based on shows but fused the momodo spells it`s cracked up to be a game built by awesomeness but as i know most people out there dont get the game just for their collection they want it for the gameplay so im here to tell them some problems that may discourage the normal gamer.zatchbell kind of gets repeative when all you have to do is fight i would reccomend some minigames to help the game so you wont feel like playing the same thing over and over again it may have the time attack but it`s praticly the same as fighting. now i know alot of people like all the different characters but i think they should do a story mode for each guy so you can get in touch with each character. also you know all you mostly do is do a story mode just to get cards and build yur character`s thing up.there are 2 problems with this you should have more minigames that you can get points with and more stuff you can buy with your points.but zatchbell is a great game to play and for anyone who likes the show i reccomend this game for you. because i like the show and i would never regret buying this game.