To quote Brago; "Surrender....Interesting. Lets go Sherry!" Just can't quit playing.

User Rating: 9.1 | Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles GC
I can't believe how fun this game is. I never did see much of the show when it was on TV and now that I have played the game, I want to know everything about every character and every spell. Mamodo battles is one of those games I just didn't quite see as interesting. I had been to my friends house a few times and had noticed the game was there but nevered played it. Well, on my last trip there which was like June 26th or something like that I decied to give it a swing. My buddy always loves to prove his superiority of video games that I never played before and he picked his completely modified Zatch/kiyo as players. I picked normal Brago/Sherry and was crushed. Immediately I was addicted. I borrowed the game for a day and played it. Now I am letting him borrow my Final Fantasy X in order to play this game. This game is a fighting game with interesting spells and TV show. Unlike the dragonball Z games (which get old very quickly hinting watch X-Play) these games have different characters who have different attacks which are easy to learn(left a, right a, up b, L, etc.) but does not make the game easy. This game has great graphics and the same voices as the TV show. A challenging game which u can play with your friends anyday and it dosen't get boring. A must buy.