Some minor dissapointment, but a great game nonetheless.

User Rating: 8 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
When I first booted the title, I felt instant nostalgia.

This game takes an old suger-frosted classic, dips chocolate on it - and tastes very sweet indeed.

The controls are superb, the level design is excellent. There are a ton of secrets to discover in each level - and just when it starts to become repetitive, something new is encountered.

The game shines when it comes to diversity, either yoshi changes to a vehicle, or a new baby becomes available for use.

Although it is a great game, it can become very tedious to backtrack and get the right baby for the job. The story itself is just a little too happy (as are the graphics), and the advantages of the DS are not really used. It could easily have been a gameboy advance title - but it is a great game nonetheless.

And of course, it is always fun to kick bowsers behind.