Frustration grabs you every level but Yoshi's Island DS will suck you in with it's great gameplay and graphics.

User Rating: 8.5 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
I started playing this game for 2 minutes and I never put it down!The way the makers of the game worked the gameplay onto both screens of the DS was just amazing.THe other good thing about the gameplay was it's platforming.Climbing and swinging on vines, making eggs out of monsters and throwing the eggs at targets and other monsters.Storyline was also very well done, the way they work the babies into the story was near perfect.Another fun thing are the babies.Baby Mario, Baby Peach,Baby D.K, Baby Wario, and Baby Bowser. I mean you can't get a much better selection of characters then that.The cartoony graphics and original music make you almost want to yell "WHOOP-EEE"!

My only problem was that I had to pull my hair out and get the buttons to leave imprints on my thumb on how frustrating the levels were.I just found them so infuriating because I had to do the same part over and over because the makers didn't place the save points very brightly. Another thing was the way you got extra lives. I mean spin a wheel to see if you get one. I think they should have just made us collect them but place them in hard spots.

To conclude, Yoshi's Island Ds is very frustrating but it never leaves you too frustrated to make you give up on it.