It's a great game at a great value. A must have!

User Rating: 10 | 3D Classics: Xevious 3DS
Let me tell you I bought this software because I thought it we be fun to play for an hour or two ,however I became addicted after the first few minutes.

Graphics:5/5- The spaceship( don't know how to spell it) pops out of the screen and everything is well designed.

Sound:3/5- The sound effects are pretty good but the music is the same and can get annoying.

Gameplay:6/5- This game just sucks you in. You decide to play this game for 10 minutes and an hour later you're still playing.

Content:5/5- I've played this game for five hours and I still haven't beat it. I don't even know how many level there are!

Difficulty:5/5 I've been playing games for over 8 years and can beat even the hardest of games. I have still yet to beat this game. This game is not for casual gamer. This game leans more to experienced gamers.

Final thing to say: Buy this game now!