It's the most beautiful thing I have seen in my entire life!!!

User Rating: 10 | Xenogears: Elyhaym Van Houten Edition (Square Millennium Collection) PS
Look, I will be the first to tell you that when it comes to this game I have absolutely the largest bias towards it. I will love this game till the day that I die and will always put it at number one in my lists. I am an opinionated person with the right to say what I want.

There is something enchanting about this game. I don't know what it is but what ever the magic is made of it tastes good. Lets be perfectly honest I love most games, I dare say love all games just because they are video games. But I can't stress to you enough that this game is the bees knees.

Here's why!!!

First off spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler. This game is 15 years old you saw this coming.

So you are a young lad near the age of lets say 7 to 8 years old and you stumble across a game that has a mans face on it. That is it, just one random mans face on the cover with some cool writing on it. What do you do? You put that sucker into your very used and beige Playstation. *Boom* Squaresoft (immediate angelic choir) "They made Final Fantasy 7!!!" The screen goes black there is fire and then... Robots

It Just Got Real:

Now, I was a very impressionable child so when I saw robots I figured this would tie in perfectly with my Gundam/Dragonball Z diet (have to have all your major 90's anime food groups). You see a very sprite-ly looking fellow, he is a major character just not you. *Boom* *Wozzle* Fire everywhere. Fade to a painting of said fire because you like to paint fire on very nice days in a very small and friendly town. Your name is Fey, you are a fighter guy with a weird haircut it has all the anime ingredients to make a good recipe. Then some stuff happens that dictates the lively hood of a couple close friends and then you get into your massive...scrawny...weak looking... thing. They're called Gears. They're ancient.. What else is there to go over. You made it this far don't want to bore you yet.

You learn some valuable information that takes up a good portion of the internet so I won't overload you on that. Here is a quick recap; war, you, middle, fight, good, win, bad, lose, mech, love, more war, victory, credits.

Mmmm That's Nice:

Best part of this game, is the story. I don't know what they did but it rocked my socks off. I loved every second of it (second time through when older, no attention span as child). I knew all the characters, I loved some characters, I hated most of the characters. It was nice and it was fabulous. One problem though, I completely got lost on the second disc.

I don't know what happened, or how it happened, or when it happened, it just did. Little hiccup that kind of threw me for a loop but then about 5 minutes later I got back into it.

That's Some Smooth Game Play:

Now the fighting system is fantastic. You get health, you have...Ether, you have all the great things a RPG needs... Including a combo system!!!!! (see that !x5 power?) I will always remember the games that have the most revolutionary fighting mechanics. Adding a combo system that increases the damage input and randomizes the outcome is the key to this game. Sure you can play FF8 and get some button time in there but eventually you use the same move that deals in the ball park of 9999 damage and then what? Maybe I don't want to destroy face like that. Maybe I want to hit them with a soft punch and then blind side them with the business end of my foot. Games, if you are going to do this, remember combo systems.

It All Comes Full Circle:

The game in a simple way of saying is just amazing. I have very little games that aren't made by Rockstar that wow me like Xenogears did. I love it I spent hours upon hours playing it and still do to this day. When ever someone asks you "Wanna play this game?" Kick them in the chest take the game and enjoy it in its absolute glory (note: do not kick any friends in the chest)