I will admit I am a X-Com fanboy

User Rating: 10 | XCOM: Enemy Unknown X360
I LOVED X-Com, back when this series first started out I was instantly hooked, I loved the tactical gameplay this game offered and the challenge that it offered. This game I think is even better. Now I know alot of the old timers are saying this game sucks because they did streamline this game, I think the changes they made are for the better. There is alot less time spent at base micromanaging every little detail and more time spent focusing on the tactical combat. Some people are complaining about the squad size how 4 and later 6 is nothing compared to the original where you could take up to 26 soldiers. But I think having only 6 on the field makes it that much more challenging, it means that every single soldier I choose to take is important and more than just cannon fodder. And because I have less soldiers I tend to actually care about the ones that I do have and losing a soldier that you have lvl'd and like hurts much more than losing just another joe oh well I got 25 more. I found that with the original Xcom I spent half the game navigating menus and the other half on the battlefield, this game I spend about 80 percent of the time navigating the battlefield and only 20 percent in the menus and to me personally that makes this a better game.