This is a very solid wrestling simulation

User Rating: 8 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 X360
I'm not really into wresting that much but after playing this wresting game it has made me somewhat of a fan. I think it is cool how the story mode evolves when you play a season with a wrestler now depending on who you pick the story mode will be different. There has to be over 100 different story modes that branch off depending on who you play with. Also after you are done with one character for 1 season you can continue playing with them for as long as you want. Now I've notice that on my third season with John Cena one of the story modes repeated but it might have just been a glich or something like that nothing to really worry about. Now I haven't played the new smackdown vs. Raw and I don't want to after seeing the reviews for it. I will wait for the price to go down or something. If you want a fun wrestling game then pick up the smackdown vs. raw 2007. Now if you do expect to play this game online I haven't encountered any players online yet probably because the new one is out. I am sure there is someone out there playing online though.

I give this an 8.0/10