Its good, but it has it's flaws.

User Rating: 8 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 PSP
WWE has always been a fun game, smashing people with ladders and hammers, it doesn't get more fun than that. Yet, I get the feeling that somethings could have been improved! For example, the graphics. O.K. I know it is a portable game, but the hand doesnt even touch my neck, yet im gasping for air? The story is almost as intruiging as a sopa opera! Really! I am not lying! I couldn't put the PSP down because I wanted to know what was gonna happen to John Cena (My Superstar). The matches are fun, but one thing I didn't like about the matches that you were supposed to lose( like the street brawl with the Big Show) is that there is no hint what so ever that you are supposed to lose! I fought for 57 minutes and 46 seconds before just giving up, and letting him beat me. The change from Raw, to smackdown was also a suprise. The "Shop" part of the PC isn't all that great, at least not to me. All I was looking for were clothes for my current superstar, not a whole nother superstar! Anyways , its a good game with great controls. I also tottally reccomend it.