Although this is a must have game for any WWE fan. It isnt all that different from the original.

User Rating: 8.2 | WWE Day of Reckoning 2 GC
If your a WWE fan, a GameCube owner. And ave enjoyed all the previous wrestling games. This game is right down your alley. This is Yukes second attempt at a WWE wrestling game for the GameCube. Last years Dat of Reckoning was the must have wrestling game for the GameCube. And know its time for change, its time for a remake.

Although this game isnt all that different from the original, it has just enough authenticity and difference to make it stand out from the rest.

In this new edition to the WWE fans, you can play with a choice of up to 45 wrestlers to choose and play with. With a additional 7 divas to ponder and make use of the bra and panties game stipulation.

All the latest entrance music and videos. You can listen to all your favourite wrestlers showing off there new hit music. And express yourself while watching the Divas showing there special talents.

There is also a whole new story board. With up to 6 more hours of unique play time. With a whole new story line to enjoy. And guide your created character though the events of the year. All to earn that patentid main event spot at the biggest stage of them all to regain your World Title, you were cheated out of one year ago.

The story line is set around the Word Title becoming stolen, mere weeks before Wrestlemania. And as a result of that your title shot gets terminated. And you are know the prime suspect. You need to fight through such superstars are Triple H, Edge, Chris Jericho. Just to prove you are innocent. And get that title back to Raw. To get your Title back.

The create a character mode is bigger and better. And full of much more clothes and accessories to clothe and decorate your own creation. With up to 100 more designs you cant not find something to wear. Also a new feature that lets to alter and chisel your character's physique. You can also choose exactly what syle of wrestler your character is. There are quite a few wrestling styles. Some including Brawler, High Flying, Technical. And loads more, enough to suit every style of character. There are also up to 100 finishing moves for you to pick and destroy you opponents with.

Another great feature Yukes has added is the all new ring enterance system. This time you get complete control over how you walk, posse, and what music you enter to. And what custom video goes up onto the Tito-tron. You can also customise the camera angle. And pick were the cameras direction moves and positions. This is truely the most creative entrance creators a WWE game has ever seen.

This game feels a lot more comfortable and much more smoother than the last. Everything runs as if it would in real life. No bugs and no things that couldnt happen in real life. Like Rey Mesterio power bombing the Big Show. This game is truely the most realistic game in the series.

This time around Yukes has added a few new in game features. The first is the new submission tab. When you apply a submission move onto your opponent. A bar will appear with four different styles of submission. The first is rest, rest doesnt do anything apart from wear down a opponent. And the other three are verious ways of forcing you opponent into submission.

And secondly the Stamina meter. This is basicaly a meter showing how much energy your wrestler has left in his body. And when the meter drops to low. You will be forced to rest, and then you will move and wrestle more sluggish than if you had full energy, and it will become harder to kick out of a pin. You lose energy by doing powerful moves and basicaly running around, or doing things that would drain energy in the real world. Although you can restore your energy, it will take a while and matches can be lost by loss of energy.

In a nutshell this is a game all WWE fans, with a GameCube should check out. Or rent at the very least. If you enjoyed the original Day of Reckoning you will enjoy this game also. Just dont expect to much difference between the two. But in this version the sound is probably the best aspect followed shortly by the breath taking graphic system. This is really the only main difference between the two. But this game will leave you wanting more.