Only one thing to discribe... WOOOOOOW

User Rating: 9.5 | Worms 4: Mayhem PC
Hey everyone
I Disagre totally with GS because this game is probably the best Worms ever. I have never played Worms Forts but this is a lot better than worms 3d. this game is really funny and really enjoyable. the best bit is you can dress and customize your team. you can put afros on them with night-vision goggles
etc. the gameplay is also better. the controls are basiclly the same as Worms 3d but there are new better weapoons like dropping a giant Fat kid out of the bottom of a Helicopter! and not only that, but you can create your weapon! It's a Joy 2 play. there are some returning ones as well including the banana bomb, cluster bomb and the classic bazooka. Although the game is brilliant, it can't beat the 1st one but it is 2nd best.

the only bad thing is there aren't as many voices or maps than 3d but that doesn't spoil the game

All in all, Brilliant. Keep it up Team17