Totally disagree with the GS rating, best worms game ever, possibly the best strategy game ever!

User Rating: 1 | Worms 4: Mayhem PC
Worms 4 :Mayhem is a great game on all fonts; the graphics are solid "3-D" and look great, the audio experience fits greatly, and the playability is pretty good. It is similar to the other two 3-D games, but with new features, such as being able to create your own team, Weapon, and game style. The story mode is very deep (long), and there is plenty of things to do in the game such as network play, were you can play agianst people from around the world, challenges, and a cool multiplayer mode. Overall, Worms 4:Mayhem is underapreciatted game with plenty of things to keep you busy. I strongly disagree with the GS review. Like I said before, Worms 4 is possibly the best strategy game around, I gave it a 10/10 because I cannot think of any flaws in the game at all. Unlike the other 2 games were like. anybody who likes strategy games will highly enjoy Worms 4:Mayhem.