Good Game, but I think it could be better.

User Rating: 8.5 | Worms 4: Mayhem PC
From worms 3d to worms 4, the producers just added some contents and customization options, its like the various sequels to worms armageddon game before the 3d. That's not too bad, cause at least they don't make a game worse than its predecessor, that was quite funny.
They could had thinked more ambitious, mading great improvements in the gameplay, the worms movements still the same as the original worms from the first game of the series, it was perfect for a 2d game, but in the 3d it just not work so good. The worse part of gameplay is the aiming of the weapons, part of the fun of the 2d was the challenge of the hard shots, but in 3d its become too much hard, even the homing missile has poor hit rate, long bazooka and grenade throwing is impraticable for the most of the people. A target marker could be of great assistence for this weapons, to give the player a little more notion to where he is shooting, as well a better wind direction indicative. In time the players learn how to handle with the clumsy gameplay, but even then its still frustrating.
For the game graphics, the explosions, land damage and effects are weak, for my opinion they had to be more wild, powerfull and astonishing. For the game rest, the cartoon like designs are well done.
The sound is iconsistent, the worms talk during the battle, but in the scenes they just do a me-me,memememe thing, its very strange. The sound of the explosions, shots, punchs, and the worms screams is so simple and emotionless, that you don't really feel the mayhen, when it happens. But at least the worms speaches are funny, until you get bored of then repeating over and over.
The multiplayer and the oneplayer modes are very nice, is still nice to drop a holy grenade right in the feet of your friends worms. And oneplayer missions, normally easy, gets some replay value and challenge as you try to win the best times and buy the things in the item shop.
Talking about customization, it is a great addiction to the game, very fun making the details of the worms and their weapons. For the next games they could add more options, like some expression and faces for the worms, more hats, beards, glasses and stuff.
I'm expecting more improvements in the next worms games, opening more the possibilities for the annelidis functions, some stuff like tanks, freezing shots, controllable and more variated air strikes, better camera control, target markers, better aiming, more fluided gameplay, astonishing explosions, and violent attacks could be very interesting.
Concluding, the little lacks don't spoils so hard the funny things in the game, and its worth of playing. But makes me feel there lacks inspiration for more surprising improments.