Cartoons meet senseless violence...and don't worry, thats good.

User Rating: 7 | Worms 2 PC
Worms 2 is a game that doesn't take it's self seriously and thats good.

Graphics: The 2D world of worms isn't the most glamourios, but it is funny. Since there are many weapons and some do similar things it's good they look different.

Sound: Just basic bloops and bleeps

Voices: The Worm's voices are hilarious and they are so cute. Cute, but oh so deadly.

Music: Horrible really. Sorry, but when playing online I'd rather not listen to the same 5 tunes over and over again.

Gameplay: This can go 2 ways. 1 you could have a terrific time playing online with a good oppenent. or 2) you get stuck playing an annoying kid who curses and always uses the damn ninja rope! Oh yeah, it's also hard