Not even worth a rental if you like to play poker

User Rating: 2.8 | World Series of Poker XBOX
I play poker, a lot. Not for big money, not for high stakes, not for a living, but I do play a lot of poker. When this game came out I was so excited that I immediately got my hands on the copy of it. I couldn't wait to get it into my Xbox and play and then after creating my player and playing in my first tournament, I found that playing this game must be exactly like to play in the actual WSOP, without all the fun and excitement of being there. No, that last comment was not a positive one. Part of playing winning poker is sitting and waiting for the right hands to come, in the right position, against the right opponents. Doing that live is usually boring until you hit that one hand and take a big pot. Doing that in a video game is just plain boring.

The AI in this game is completely stupid. They play any hand, push in all their chips all the time, make stupid calls, and there's always action. I assume that was an attempt by the game developers to try and add some interest to the game, but personally I don't like knowing that some idiot will call my all-in bet with his 2-7 offsuit and might suck out on the river to beat me. Sure, it could happen in real life, and often does it seems, but I would expect a little more from the World Series of Poker video game.

Another thing about this game is the framerate. It's horrible. The animations are choppy and it's really annoying.

So, if you want some all-in every hand action and you're not really a poker player, I would recommend this game, but for serious poker players/gamers who were looking for some fun and interesting poker play on their console or PC look somewhere else.