This game had the worst acting in the world, however it comes together

User Rating: 7 | World Series of Poker XBOX
If you like poker and don't want to lose money play this game. The career mode is the basic mode and it is pretty cool once you have won some tournaments and have hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When you win hands or do not simulate other peoples turns you here some horrible, horrible acting. It can be wicked aggravating (for some people, like myself). The realistic tournaments and players really come out well, but the presentation of the actual tournaments doesn't look so hot. Another thing that can be aggravating is the fact that there are not many customization options.

Finally I have to throw in what I like, I really enjoy the playing. They make the computer players know the game and they play like ral people. They know odds like some of the pros and it just can make any amature poker player have fun

All in all it is a poker game. You could buy it for 5 dollars or spend ten for a current gen poker game.