User Rating: 3.5 | World Series of Poker GC
That pretty much sums it up right there. But of course, this is a review for 'World Series of Poker' on the Gamecube. The good folks of Activison gave us this gem, and by gem, I mean a piece of crap. They have soiled the great poker tournament that is the World Series of Poker, where with just a $10,000 buy-in, you can play against the best poker pros in the world, and win a buttload of money. (Say $7,500,000 for example.) In this Career Mode you play a custom made rookie, hoping to make it big with your small stash of $10,000. I'd blow it all on the craps table, but hey. I spent $30 on this piece of crap, so I'll stop complaining. Anywho... the main drawback of this is that there is no multiplayer action here. Um, hello! Use Square Enix's idea for 'Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles' with the GBAs to make multiplayer. Is that too much to ask? The AI in this game is laughable, and will sometimes slowplay a hand and win, call any bet in hopes of making a backdoor flush and win, go all-in with a mediocre hand and win, call before the flop with 7-5 off-suit, and make a full house oh, and win. I think they have cheaters here in the casinos with those kind of plays. NOT FAIR!!! Lon McEachern makes an appaerance here with what'shisname Alex Royale, and they both are horribly animated and textured with this junk. The voiceovers have horrible stereotypes for voices as, 'Southern Belle', 'New Yorker', 'Russian Fox', 'Redneck Lingo', and other cringing audio. I'm only 14 years old, and I know more poker than this stupid AI combined! The graphics are horrible, and not a lot of customization options here. WSOP, I want my $30 back!