A boring game and a dispointment!

User Rating: 2.3 | World Series of Poker GC
I get this game for Christmas well 2 days early anyway... and i played it and after an hour it was fine but then it just got boring! So to make this a review.
I can simply say... Don't buy this game for starters the game play is boring and you only have 2 choices of gaming you have carer and you have quick play (No online now thats boring!!!!). The game play drags on you can get stuck on 1 on 1's for 3 hours and it won't stop and all you really have to do is go all in and you will win most likely. The graphics are horrible! First of all there lips don't move with what they say and everyone looks bulky and when you bet he grabs nothing and sets down a a chip but takes two form the pile. The sound is horrible there are only around 5 sounds Card flipping, background people, the talker, the people thinking, and talking. To me don't but it... waste of money (not to mention time, energy ,and gas.) so to sum it up a 2.3!