My favorite of all the poker titles. And I've tried them all!

User Rating: 8.3 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions PSP
Let me say that I have tried every poker title on the PSP save Stacked, but World Series: Tournament of Champions is by far my favorite. Sure the personalities aren't accurate or interesting, but to me I don't really care about that aspect. I want a decent looking game (World Championship Poker All In is so ugly), and I want a decent challenge, and I want decent load times (which WSP:TOC wins by a huge margin). I also want fast gameplay (which takes out World Poker Tour). I've found a ton of glitches in other games like the same hands being dealt out in a tournament - the exact same hands - but after about 30 hours of playing WSP:TOC, it's the most glitch free. If you're looking for a nice poker title this is it.


Load times
Good Challenge
Good Graphics
No bugs that ruin the game (WCP: All In)

Not much character customization
Career could have been deeper