A great game with a great story

User Rating: 8.5 | World in Conflict: Soviet Assault PC
I played world in conflict back in 2008 and after winning it i never brotherd to play it again now when the soviet assault came out i gived it an other try.What i liked most about soviet assault is the story and the many cut sceans for me every game should be like that.The story is 10 out of 10 made me always wanting to know what happend next to the charaters the differnt types of bombs in the game is also fun however for me it felt a bit small compard to what we saw in the traliers.Ok now to the grafics the grafics are not that good but who cares when the gameplay is sooo good. The grafics in the cut sceans arnt good i can say that but it didnt have any problems (for me at least) in understanding the story.now to the worst part of the game which like may people before me has said and that is the game is too short 6 missions isnt enough and i hope that if they are making a next game make it longer!