good action now with soviet story

User Rating: 5 | World in Conflict: Soviet Assault PC
world in conflict soviet assault is all in one. it is a rts game. you play in the end of the cold war as lt parker, who tries to defend his country and you play some soviet missions.
the game play is you have points, with this points you can buy units whitch when purchased are parachuted into the warzone, you must build nothing, the opposite of c&c 3 tiberium wars. if the unit died, you purchase the points which u spend to buy it back.
singleplayer is the same like in main first game but you have more missions(6 missions).
in multiplayer you have different classes infantry, armor, support and air. you can choose one of this class to support other players, who play on your side,( you must protect eachother, if you choose different classes) only with a good strategy you can win the fights, becasue the units are good balanced.
the gfx is really good in this game but you need a fast machine. best part of this game is the mulpiplayer, becasue the campaign is nearly the same like in the first game. you will have a lot of fun with other peoples or your friends on lan and online.