WipE'out" takes what F-Zero started, and makes it better than ever in the third-dimension!

User Rating: 8.4 | Wipeout (Platinum) PS
F-Zero for the SNES paved the way for a new type of racing game, the Futuristic racer. This new sub-genre is trademarked by their futuristic look, anti-gravity racing crafts, amazing sense of speed, and temper raising difficulty. WipE'out" takes what F-Zero started, and makes it better than ever in the third-dimension!

In Wipeout you get to choose from 4 different teams, 2 vehicles for each, who have their own unique stats. Once you find the team that best suits you, you're ready to race! There are 6 tracks to choose from at first, and they are a great deal of fun to race on. They have boost pads, item pads, hills, jumps, twists, and turns. You race against 7 opponents and try to get fisrt by the end of 3 laps. You really hit high speeds in the game's second difficulty class, and you're sure to be pleased by it.

The only thing you could find crappy about the game is the difficulty. If you hit a wall, you slow down completely. You need to practice the tracks, a lot! You must learn how to take every turn by heart if you want to beat the championship races with 1st place points. But in the end, after all the practice, you'll race with ease and are ready for a great race every time.

The graphics are very good, very impressive for such an early PS1 title. Each track has it's own setting, and the enviornments look great. The distinctive look of this game really makes it shine. The game also has a techno soundtrack that was completed by well-known groups. Most people will enjoy the soundtrack.

The game has 2 difficulty classes that'll last you a while. You won't blow through the game in a week, trust me. Like I said before, the game takes a lot of practice. If you want to completely beat the game, it'll take quite a while, but you'll enjoy the time spent with the game. If you like futuristic racers, look no further than WipE'out"!