A fight to save the world and bring two races of people together...

User Rating: 7.5 | Wild ARMs 5 (10th Anniversary Edition) PS2
In the latest installment of the Wild Arms series you take the role of DEAN who, of course is a young boy who wants to become a Golem hunter. He leaves his small town with his childhood friend Rebecca on a mission to the main city and become a hunter. But things take a weird turn when a woman falls out of the sky in the arm of a giant golem. Her name is Avril and you must now embark on a journey to find out what or who Johnny Applessed is and restore Avril's memory.
The game is simple enough, battle random monsters and build your level up in order to get stronger. You can also attach Mediums to each character so they each have special magic and attacks. The best part is that all characters gain experience points even if they arent involved in the battle. Leveling up was easy as I beat this game at level 92.
The battles are based on a HEX system where the area is formed by 6 connecting HEXes and 3 of them will have elemental attributes. Once you find the enemies weakness the battle is pretty easy. Some characters can fire long range and some must be right next to the enemy, either way the battles are usually quick and painless.
The storyline is kinda bland, same goes for the scenery. But the characters are very likeable and easy to attach too. There arent a lot of boring talking scenes either which is good from my point of view. There happens to be a ton of mini sidequests and treasure hunting if you wish to take that route, but most do not have any effect on the story and the secret Bosses arent worth the trouble.
If you enjoyed the first 4 games then you will love this one as the gameplay is much smoother and it is definately worth playing if you also enjoy RPG's. The game has strayed a little from it's roots but it is very fun nonetheless. A good pick-up for those bargin bin RPG players.