Wild Arms 5 refreshed my JRPG gamer heart! :D

User Rating: 9 | Wild ARMs 5 (10th Anniversary Edition) PS2
The graphics are okay, nothing out of the ordinary, it's about the same as wild arms 4. But there is insane cut-scenes that look really nice, and you've got plenty for you bucks.

The sound is good, at 1st, you're saying "nooo, stop this battle music", but after while, it gets into you and you just wanna hear it again and again (I dunno how they do this, lol). The gameplay is really good, even better than in wild arms 4, you got more things to do outside the battle and it's really fun to battle in HEX again! :D It really change the pace from FFXII.

The value is REALLY GREAT since the game is really fun, you don't wanna stop playing (ohh, but there is university too.. ohh), and the game is long enough (I played for about 22 hours and I suppose I got maybe 20% of the story (even if generally JRPGs have a BIG EXTREME PUNCH OF STORY at the end-game, lol)) AND you can play a second time since you unlock things for your "EX-files". To summarise, let's say that Persona is totally eclipsed of my mind from the minute I started playing ( not at all, to tell you the truth, it took about 20 minutes, just to finish the prologue :D ) and I'm playing Wild Arms 5 when I have the time instead of persona (even if it was good). I'll play wild arms 5 instead of buying a next-gen consoles at least till this holiday :D Have fun! :D