For $8 a great FPS.

User Rating: 7.5 | Water Warfare WII
Now this may not be the conduit.. but for $8 you cant go wrong.
The muliplayer is fast paced and good. I have had a problem with the lag a bit especially the more people that are in a game.
There is a large choice of weapons, unfortunatly they are not even. You start with a water pistol and while you can duel weild them, they are pretty much ineffective. You find yourself racing to get a better weapon before you are "killed".
The physics of the game are done nicely. As with a real water pistol, water will only travel so far and will drop off. The water does not travel as fast as bullets so you will have to lead your shots, giving it a sence of realism in an otherwise cartoony game. The reload time on the weapons is painfully long. It takes to long to sit at a fountain getting pelted. The best bet is to grab another gun or pick up the same one you have as it will fill your water.
The games items are a nice touch as well. The items are strewn about the map the same as the weapons. A varitey of items and weapons are a plus for this game. The game also sports and on-line ranking system. Points are awared for first shot, win, most kills, 2nd place, rebel, ect. Your total points are ranked vs. regional and world wide players.
The graphics are weak though anyone even interested in buying this should realize this.

The biggest plus in this game is the ability to have multi player split screen. While a four player screen would have been preferred at least there is local multiplayer. The game also can be played in single player with bots of diff. difficulty.

All in all this is a fun game and well worth the money. It may not have the frantic speed, gore, and maps of the conduit, but it plays similar. The game has an easy to play, hard to master feel to it making it a family friendly game. If you can get over the childdish theme and graphics this game is well worth the money if you are in the market for an on-line FPS.