An FPS with Water Guns. Awesome! Or known as: First Person Soaker. And WiFi is fun too.

User Rating: 9 | Water Warfare WII
If you want a first person shooter that's family-friendly too, then you came to buy the right game. Water Warfare is a new and fun FPS for the WiiWare download service with water guns and other colorful but useful items like a raincoat or an umbrella. There is a single player mode with 13 missions, multiplayer mode for 2 players, and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection battles for up to 8 players. What's fun about this immersive FPS is 3 things: 8 levels (4 being the same in 2 sizes each), many weapons to use including Water Pistols, Bazookas, Rifles, and grenades (I like to use the Water Rifle for hiding out and soaking other players secretly), and of course, online play with 8 people. Whether going solo or teaming up, this FPS (First Person Soaker) is definitely worth 800 Nintendo Points. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.