Koei needs a new formula

User Rating: 3 | Warriors Orochi 2 PS2
Here is my opinion on Warriors Orochi 2

The Good
- Killing thousands of enemies feels good
- Over 90 characters
- Numerous Unlockables

The Bad
- Mind numbing repetition
- Enemy AI is dumber than a zombie
- Bosses have too much health and too little attack
- Cheap deaths at higher difficulty
- Suckish voice acting

The story is nothing to write home about but its at least credible enough to see through to the end. The game has an insane longevity but you probroably wont keep it long enough to see everything.

Its a great way to combine Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises but if you arent a fan of either then i suggest not to by this game or even rent it. The objectives are always the same in the way that you are tasked with killing someone and then the mission is over.