"it's a great 2-d game but the difficulty dissapointed me"

User Rating: 8 | Wario Land Shake WII
1st I like to state im a huge fan and this game really dissapointed me in a couple things.

1.Noi absortion power, like kirby, wario can absorb a power by getting touch by a speciak enemy, I love this feature and found it amusing like when wario go bitten by a bat he turn to a vampire, I just found that awsome, but for some reason that feature is gone,Whyyyy
2.Easy, I know wario game are always easy but this one is, way too easy I could probably beat this game with one hand tied behind my back, and without my glasses, but nintendo kinda try to fix it with achievement which are great.I had this problem at the final boss, he was tough which made him a great challenge but then I ask my self why couldn't the whole game be more challenge.

I like what nintendo do with the graphic they look very nice, alot like a cartoon,and I especially like the boss look especially the stone boss.The control were simple and thats just great since wario control are always simple and responsive.EX. the motion control are fun and not over done, like when driving the wario sub.
This game should only be bought at 30 not 50, if you buy it at 30 your getting your money worth anything higher is over price, beside my complaints I still like the game but I as a fan found it somewhat dissapointing since there hasn't been a 2-d wario game in a while.

I recommendd this game to old school gamer and young gamers.