Best fighting game up to date.

User Rating: 8.5 | Virtua Fighter 5 PS3
Virtua fighter series has been with us for many years, starting in the arcades, than on sega saturn, dreamcast, ps2 and now ps3, Virtua fighter 4 on ps2 was probably the best fighting game on the console, in virtua fighter 4 was impossible to win a serious player with button mashing (this happens a lot in fighting games) and that was why VF4 had so much credit, for being a really hardcore fighting game. VF5 continues the work started in VF4.


As I said you really need to lose some time and do practice if you want to learn how to play VF5, if you just go button mashing you're finished in no time. This is both good and bad, its good because fans will be pleased and bad because there is maybe new players will say "no thx", anyway anyone with the patience to learn how to play VF5 will be rewarded with the best fighting system out there.


VF5 has certainly the best looking fighting game out there, dead or alive 4 for example looks cool but VF5 really stands out, there are beautifull arenas with gorgeous backgrounds and the characters really look great.


Mastering VF5 will keep you playing for a long time believe me, but the problem its that theres not much to do or unlock in VF5, there is a mode where you go to championships and stuff like that but doesn't really had nothing new to the gaming experience.
The lack of a multiplayer mode its also a bad thing, you can play against another person but not over the internet.


VF5 its in my opinion the best fighting game out there, if you're a fan than buy it, otherwise maybe a rent will be the best option.