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Wizard of Legend Is An Avatar Last Airbender Roguelike - Best PC Games | Steam Punks

This week, FAR: Lone Sails is an adventure not to be missed, Omensight challenges you with secrets at every turn, and FRAMED Collection combines comic books with video games and noir action.

The last seven days have given us another diverse array of PC games on Steam. We’ve got puzzle games, action roguelikes, slow meditative journeys, and more complicated ones that involve a ton of time travel. But the one thing that all of these games have in common is that we like them all! And they’re the hidden gems we’ve personally taken a shine to among the slew of new Steam releases.

Far: Lone Sails ($14.99)

Far Lone Sails is a 2D game that echoes titles like Limbo, where you power and maintain a hulking steam-powered vehicle to traverse a bleak, post-apocalyptic environment where you seem to be the lone survivor. It’s an almost meditative game, where the challenges come from running around your ship and fiddling with controls to keep things moving, as well as dealing with environmental puzzles when things get in your way. Well paced and full of nice moments, it delivers a tonne of heart without trying too hard.

Framed Collection ($8.99)

Framed Collection contains two puzzle games that revolve around the same concept: arranging a collection of comic book panels to get different outcomes. The gist of the narrative is that you’re some kind of nameless thief trying to elude the police and not kill yourself in the process, and you achieve this by using the unique mechanic of swapping frames to try and use the elements contained with them to provide aid to the protagonist when they need it most. You may remember Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame calling Framed his game of the year back in 2014, and for good reason: It’s a unique puzzling concept executed well.

Omensight ($19.99)

Omensight is an action murder mystery where the world has ended and you have to go back in time to save it! You’ll play as one of four different characters to fight through the eve of the apocalypse, gaining knowledge and using it to inform the actions of everyone else’s journeys as you revisit events again and again, hopefully changing fate in the process.

Wizard of Legend ($15.99)

“No-nonsense” is what Wizard of Legend is advertised at, and it delivers. This fast-paced, action-packed rougelike has some thrilling combat at its core that will keep bringing you back. You’ll zip around levels, firing off spells and attack combos in a system that really gives you the satisfying feel of a brawler or fighting game. Your arsenal of magical attacks is completely customisable with a variety of skills, with up to supposedly 100 different abilities, elemental considerations, and numerous relics. Wizard of Legend feels great to dive into again and again.

What new PC games have you been playing this week? Let us know on Twitter: @EdmondTran + @JessMcDonell

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