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What We Want From Titanfall 3

Titanfall 3 is... not announced. But, we have plenty of ideas for what we'd love to see if Titanfall 3 were to ever happen, and as it turns out, so did you! In our last Titanfall 2 video, we asked you what you would want to see were a Titanfall 3 to ever happen, and here are some of our favorite suggestions!

Apex Legends’ universe is the same as that of Titanfall, and their new tie in Hero, Valkyrie, only brings many of us a stronger desire and dare-I-say need for a Titanfall 3. Last time we discussed Titanfall 2, I asked what you would want in a Titanfall 3. So, here are our favorites - and somebody please send this to Respawn and get them on it. Thanks.

Titanfall 2 has an extraordinary good single player campaign. The writing and characters were surprisingly strong, and if you didn’t feel a connection to BT by the end, I think you might actually be a monster.

So - it’s no surprise that the top request by “Dennis Nick” was a return of “Matthew Mercer” - who voiced the main protagonist, Jack Cooper.