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We Completely Destroy Red Dead 2's Beautiful PC Graphics | Potato Mode

Potato Mode has returned for a special one-off video where we ruin one of the best-looking games out there, Red Dead Redemption 2. Jean-Luc Seipke has taken the reins but brought in a special guest to help make this Potato Mode feel right at home.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a beautiful game, made even more so by the recent release on PC that lets you really max out your graphical settings and effects. But what if the prettiest game this side of the Mississippi looked like hot garbage instead?

Potato Mode, GameSpot's video feature series highlighting pretty games turned ugly, hung up its hat and spurs for an extended hiatus. But with the release of Red Dead 2 on PC, it had to giddy-up once more and showcase what happens when a Rockstar masterpiece gets dragged. Watch what happens when the detailed characters of the Old West epic turn into weird clay-like figures, and much more. It's all here, and it looks terrible the best way.

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Potato Mode

Potato Mode

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The show where we take the most beautiful games in the world and make them look like mush