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The Outer Worlds Devs Show Us Some Hilarious Early Game Quests

Obsidian Developers Leonard Boyarski and Nitai Poddar join us to play through 40 minutes of The Outer Worlds, the upcoming PS4, Xbox One, and PC RPG.

Developers of some of the most memorable RPGs, Obsidian Entertainment, swung by the GameSpot offices to hang out and give us a rather peculiar look at their latest game The Outer Worlds. Both Nitai Poddar (narrative designer) and Leonard Boyarsky (game co-director) helped our own Tamoor Hussain play through quests to show off the game's more quirky side. They also get into some combat alongside a few companions. You can watch it all unfold in the video above.

The Outer Worlds may seem familiar, and many have drawn comparisons to a previous Obsidian game Fallout: New Vegas. This new game is a first-person RPG that emphasizes branching dialogue, environmental interactivity, and creative ways to build your own character. But here, you'll be jumping between different planets and meddling in the business of corporations and colonies throughout the galaxy. There are, of course, consequences to your actions that can change how your experience plays out, and we give you a little taste of that.

The Outer Worlds launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PC (via Epic Games Store) on October 25--and it'll be available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on launch day. A Nintendo Switch version is planned for the future, but currently does not have a release date.