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The Complete FINAL FANTASY 7 Timeline Explained!

The Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 has slowly been expanding the iconic RPG’s timeline since the original game’s release back in 1997.

Combined with the remake trilogy, the timeline now spans 9 games, 1 movie, and a handful of tie-in books, all of which amounts to a rather confusing chronology of events. With the new remake trilogy toying with the continuity of the original game’s timeline, it certainly gets a little bit confusing. And with the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, there is no better time to dive back into the lore of Final Fantasy 7 than now.

This is the Final Fantasy 7 timeline fully explained.

From the origins of the Cetra and their interactions with the alien Jenova all the way through to timeline-altering antics of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth via the iconic adventures of Cloud, Tifa, Barett, and Aerith in the original FF7, this video breaks down the long and varied timeline of the Final Fantasy 7 Compilation.