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Resident Evil 3 Remake Multiplayer Gameplay (Beta)

Resident Evil Resistance pits you in a tense 1v4 situation where you play as either the Mastermind, or the Survivors. Here’s how it looks to play as the Mastermind. Captured on PS4 Pro.

Resident Evil: Resistance brings 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay to Capcom's long-running survival horror series. As a side-story during the events of the outbreak in Raccoon City, Resistance includes many callbacks and references to classic Resident Evil while showing off a different side to the larger story. In each game, four players will face off against the might of one, who assumes the role of the architect behind the nightmare gallery filled with monsters and other deadly traps.

As the survivors, four players will need to work together to survive a gauntlet of the Umbrella Corporation's most dangerous bio-weapons. Each of the six playable characters has their particular set of skills to overcome challenges in different locales around Raccoon City, and learning to communicate with others is key to survival. All the while, the fifth player in the game will assume the role of the test's Mastermind, manipulating the traps, encounters, and other hazards from behind the scenes.

In this new video, we show off some gameplay from both sides of the conflict. Playing as the survivors, it focuses heavily on the classic formula of survival horror gameplay, where resources are scarce, and the enemies come in full force. Using firearms, melee weapons, and along with fever skills that buff you and your teammates, you'll need to work with your squad to make through the test and escape. Throughout the trial, the Mastermind will need to use all manner of advanced technology and bio-weapons to spawn in enemies to overwhelm the survivors. But when the time is right, the Mastermind can also call in a Tyrant and assume direct control of it to go in for the attack against the survivors.

Resident Evil: Resistance will release on April 3 with Resident Evil 3 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.