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New Xbox One: The Pros And Cons Of Disc-Less

Is the future of gaming digital? We break down the good and the bad of the new Xbox.

The Xbox One S All Digital Edition is finally confirmed, and it's making a lot of people ask themselves whether the future of gaming is digital, and what we'd be missing out on if we abandoned discs altogether. In a new video feature, Jess and Eddie discuss the pros and cons of the new disc-less Xbox One and what it means for Microsoft's vision of gaming's future.

In the video, we dig into all the key particulars about the console including how its lack of a disc-drive might not be for everyone, the price being potentially too high, and if the 1 TB hard drive is indeed big enough.

We also talk about how Microsoft's digital subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold factor into the console, and how the new disc-free system is just an option for those looking to press further into the digital future.

The All-Digital Edition launches on May 7 for $250 USD. Are you interested in the new system? Let us know in the comments below!

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